Adelaide’s Most Responsible Bottle And Can Recycling

Do the responsible thing with your household waste and recycle it. Scrap Hotline offers a number of convenient locations across Adelaide for residents to safely recycle bottles and cans. Our team are driven and passionate about protecting the environment and minimising the financial costs of new materials.

We understand that recycling what we can is the best way to ensure a healthy and happy future and a high standard of living for the next generation. Our bottle and can recyclers take waste from across Adelaide, melt it down and turn it into raw materials for the creation of other goods.

Recycling bottles, cans, and other materials is a sustainable and environmentally process. And best of all, its profitable for you! We’ll pay you for every cardboard box, piece of metal and can recycled at our facilities. Some Adelaide residents are already making money by being smart with their waste and getting their sheet metal, electronics and cans and bottles recycled at our facilities.

The recyclers you can count on

Whether it’s an old car, a fridge, or a cellar’s worth of wine bottles, Scrap Hotline can do more than just recycle it – often we’re able to take it away for you too. For whitegoods and cars, we’re able to collect from across the Adelaide area. Don’t let these things just sit in your yard or in a landfill, let them do some good even after they’ve become obsolete or non-functioning.

If you’ve got something smaller to deliver, our can and bottle recyclers are available at locations across Adelaide. Whether you want a bit more money in your pocket you’re looking to make a small difference in the world, you’ve chosen the right people. Contact us today with any questions on or for more information on our special offers and community partnerships.