Cardboard Scrap Recycling in Adelaide

Do the right thing, protect the earth. Scrap Hotline are specialist cardboard recyclers in Adelaide. We accept a wide range of paper products, as specialist cardboard scrap recyclers we have the technology and capacity to handle a variety of job sizes. Whether you have an excess of boxes left over from moving house, or an office sized load of waste cardboard, we can help.

Don’t just throw it away, make it useful even after you’re finished with it. We give what some people consider rubbish a second life as high-quality paper products that don’t harm existing forests. It’s also good for Australia’s water supply. Producing new products from recycled paper and cardboard pulp uses less than half the energy and water of manufacturing from scratch. These are important savings to reduce the environmental impact of our increasing uses for paper products.

Recyclers that care for our planet

Making products from recycled materials doesn’t just stop more trees from being cut down – though that is extremely important. Paper manufacturing also contributes to various forms of pollution. We take pride in providing a cardboard recycling service to Adelaide and the surrounding suburbs, helping lower the associated air and water pollution of paper manufacturing. From packaging and boxes, to books and office supplies, recycling paper and cardboard is a positive step to reducing land degradation and reduces the need for more logging.

Talk to the experts at Scrap Hotline and find out more about how we can help take e waste, bottles and cans, cardboard and more off your hands. Visit one of our 14 locations across Adelaide and the surrounding suburbs and drop off your rubbish.

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