Community Partnerships

Each one of our 14 Scrap Hotline outlets plays a significant role in the community, in the form of local club sponsorships and providing part funding for community events. Just like scrap makes a positive difference to our world, we like to think that each of our Scrap Hotline outlets do too.

Winter Warmer Appeal 2018

Have you ever stopped to think about what it would be like to sleep out in the cold during the Winter? 

Scrap Hotline have teamed up with Roo & Ditts from Triple M Adelaide to help The Salvation Army support those in need.

By accepting generous donations of blankets, coats, scarves, gloves, hats and warm clothing at 12 Scrap Hotline drop off locations, together with Roo & Ditts and The Salvation Army, we were able to provide many adults and children with warmth this last winter.




Recycling Asscociation of South Australia

The Recycling Association of SA are a proud Community Partner of Scrap Hotline.

With 108 locations across South Australia there is one near you!

The role of the Association includes:

  • Promotion of the law affecting the operation of collection depots, including: representation in discussion and on committees.
  • Acquire, prepare data, print, publish or issue and circulate books, papers, periodicals and circulars directly relating to any matters of interest to members.
  • Keep abreast of improvements in technology which may be adopted to improve handling efficiencies.
  • To act in all respects as a trade body, to guide the industry and preserve its public image.

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One Steel Community

OneSteel Steel & Recycling is a manufacturer, distributor and recycler of metals and steel related products, self-sufficient in iron ore and with the capacity to be self-sufficient in scrap metal.

OneSteel is Australia’s premier manufacturer and distributor of long steel products with around 200 sites nationally. OneSteel employs over 7,500 people, services more than 30,000 customers and a range of some 40,000 products. OneSteel is also a significant supplier of scrap metal to domestic and international foundries, smelters and Steel Mills.

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Sammy D Foundation

Scrap Hotline is pleased to have become a Community Partner of the Sammy D Foundation.

The Sammy D Foundation believes that every young person deserves to be loved, supported and protected.

Scrap Hotline is pleased to be supporting the Sammy D Foundation through the provision of premises for the new Sammy D Foundation headquarters on the corner of South Road and Daws Road, and to make real change through the education and prevention of drug and alcohol fuelled violence in the community.

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Scout Recycling Centre

Scout Recycling Centre is the fundraising arm of Scouts SA, and offers families, businesses and individuals 9 outlets for recycling materials and collecting container deposits!

Profits from all Scouts SA recycling centres help fund a number of citizenship programs such as the annual Murray Darling Rescue. This initiative allows families to make a positive impact on the environment by spending a day planting trees and learning about environmental education.

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