Safe, Effective E Waste Recycling In Adelaide

Electronic or e waste encompasses a wide variety of electrical appliances that are either broken and non-functioning, or simply obsolete and replaced by new products. This rubbish needs to be disposed of or recycled correctly to ensure safety, as well as to prevent it simply being put into landfill. Many of these electronics contain valuable and harmful materials that can either be recycled and reused or require specialist disposal.

Scrap Hotline specialise in electronic waste disposal and recycling Adelaide-wide. We are happy to receive microwaves, fridges, mobile phones, computers, printers, televisions, media players and more. Our professional team ensure that batteries are disposed of correctly and metals such as lead and mercury are prevented from leaching into the soil and waterways. This attention to detail is important for a sustainable future, where e waste recycling is common, salvageable components are recovered and landfill size is kept to a minimum.

Electronic waste disposal: good for the country and the planet

With Australians being among the most prolific users of new technology, it is vital that electronic recycling is easy, common and efficient. Our goal is an Australia where we recycle as much as possible, and any disposal is handled correctly.

Computers and electronic goods contain non-renewable resources, such as tin, nickel, zinc and copper, making them ideal for recycling and giving these valuable materials new life in more products. We are proud to offer this service, setting high standards and reducing the environmental impact of advancing technologies and consumer uptake.

Contact our friendly and helpful staff for further information on our electronic recycling and disposal services. We provide a full range of services including cardboard and bottle and can recycling.

Bring your unwanted items to any of our 14 locations, across Adelaide, and enjoy the peace of mind that you are dealing with an expert team of recyclers, committed to maintaining an impeccable reputation. For all inquiries and to find out more about our community partnerships and special offers, send us a message at

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