Gas Bottle Removal & Recycling in Adelaide

Old bottles require special attention when it comes time to recycle them. Scrap Hotline specialise in the degassing, decommissioning and recycling of gas bottles that are past their best.

A bottle cannot simply be placed in the recycling bin and put out on the street, or dumped in landfill. They pose serious risks to recyclers and rubbish tip employees and need to be properly dealt with to minimise danger. Scrap Hotline is the first and only company to call for all your recycling requirements, Adelaide-wide. We have the experience and expertise to ensure the safety of employees and clients at all times.

The material used to manufacture bottles and their fittings is generally plate steel. It is possible to recycle plate steel many times over, with no degradation in quality, which may save up to 75% of the energy required to make steel products from raw materials. A bottle needs to be decommissioned and have its contents extracted before recyclers can melt it down and make a new product. This is where Scrap Hotline will help.

Contact our courteous and professional team on 1300 2 SCRAP (27 27 27) and talk to us about your gas bottle and can recycling requirements. Our expert will decide the best course of action. Alternatively, bring your recyclables to one of our 14 locations across Adelaide and the surrounding suburbs.

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