Helping the environment

Scrapping is good for you – and even better for the environment. Those steel pieces that may appear bent, broken and unusable to you will play a major role in construction and manufacturing around the world.

The benefits of Scrap Recycling

  • Clears the scrap clutter in our community from people’s dumped rubbish
  • Dumped scrap can be a safety hazard for communities and wildlife through the emission of toxic chemicals from oil, petrol, battery acid and diesel
  • Reduces land fill from household and construction site scrap
  • Recycled products require less energy to manufacture new products
  • Reduces the cost of dumping fees and waste management in the community
  • The economic benefits of scrapping metal provides more jobs in the community
  • Facilitates the creation of new products in the community

Recycling scrap

  • Prevents greater land degradation from mining
  • Saves natural resources and raw materials
  • Reduces air and water pollution and the production of greenhouse gases
  • Steel can be recycled again and again without impacting the quality of the product
If we scrapped more instead of dumping, we would significantly help the environment and save energy!

To find out more on what happens to your recycled scrap download our Zero Waste SA fact sheet >