White Goods Pick Up, Removal & Recycling in Adelaide

Scrap Hotline is the white goods pick-up and removal specialist. Adelaide-wide, taking unwanted items off your hands. With today’s fast moving technology landscape, appliances are becoming outdated sooner, meaning that the need for safe, effective recycling is greater than ever.

If you have old white goods you no longer use or that are taking up space, contact Scrap Hotline. We will recycle them at one of our 14 locations across Adelaide and the surrounding suburbs.

We prolong the lifespan of valuable metals and other resources, helping the environment by reducing the need for these materials to be sourced anew. As the turnover of new models increases and Australians replace their appliances with greater frequency, it is important to not simply discard these non-renewable resources into landfill. We have the knowledge and expertise to degas and decommission fridges, freezers and all white goods, with cutting edge processes focusing on safety and being environmentally conscious.

Drop into one of our 14 locations Talk to the expert team here at Scrap Hotline and find out more about our white goods pick-up, and recycling services.

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